Tribes Interiors ..........

411 E 5th St .......... Ketchum, ID

Behind Giabobbi Square in Ketchum is a gem of a shop with a curated collection of rugs, artwork and showcasing their own furniture. The owner, Dyan Pederson, also carries a selection of my jewelry.

Maude's Coffee & Clothes ..........

311 1st Ave. N .......... Ketchum, ID

Tara McFarlane and Jacob Frehling not only make the best cup of coffee in Ketchum, they have a groovy collection of vintage and new clothing, and they looooooove my bolo ties. Go see them. They will give your personal hipness quotient a big boost. (And they make the best cup of coffee in Ketchum!)

Wyoming Outfitters ..........

12 Center Street .......... Jackson, WY

This family owned clothing store has always been my favorite place to shop in Jackson Hole. They have an outdoorsy but cool aesthetic, and range from the practical to the exquisite. Wyoming Outfitters carries my necklaces and earrings. If you are in Jackson, stop in. Tell them I said "Hi!"

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